South-Central Indiana Ride

Motorcycle Road Length: 105 Miles


Written Directions
There are many different roads/routes in  this area that are great. My recommendation is just one of them. Start  in Cincinnati Indiana and head south on route 54 all the way down to  Avoca, IN. then take route 58/37 south through the town of Ooltic, IN  and then when you reach Bedford, IN look for and take route 450  southwest out of town. Stay on 450 a while (to and through Dover Hill)  until it T's into US Hwy 150 (near Shoals, IN) where you want to take a  right on to US Hwy 150. Take this west for just a few miles into  Loogootee and take a left on to route 550. Route 550 will head east  through Pleasant Valley and Roland and then take a right on to route 56  and head south through West Baden Springs and in to French Lick, IN.  Suggest you make French Lick one of your stops. After checking out the  town, head out of town east on route 145. Route 145 turns south and  crosses over Patoka Lake ... look for Route 164 and take it to the  left/west. Stay on route 164 heading west and into the end point of  Jasper, IN.

White River, Dover Hill experience, French Lick (Larry Bird's hometown).  Loogootee and Shoals are small towns, but pretty area. Just South of  French Lick you'll ride thru a huge lake area, scenery is second to  none!

Road Quality
Roads are good, a few areas of potholes, and watch for loose stones on sharp  turns. South-central Indiana has some really neat roads. Start in/around Cincinnati (Cincinnati Indiana!) and head towards Bedford, IN. Hit 450  towards Dover Hill. Dover Hill is a challenge. Be ready to lean, it's  about 5 or 6 S curves in a row.

Roadside Amenities
French Lick, Loogootee, and Jasper are the main stops for gas and food. End  your trip in Jasper. I recommend the Hampton INN. They even let us keep  our bikes under the carport at the entrance in case of rain.