Old SR 37 to Route 446 Run


Written Directions
I suggest you start in Martinsville, IN  and head south on State Route 37 (the "new" route 37. After heading  south for about 3 or 4 miles, you will split off to the left and hit Old SR 37 south towards Bloomington. Make sure you stop at Bryant Creek  Lake just a few miles once on Old 37, very pretty lake. There is a  gravel parking lot for a few vehicles. Lots of bicyclists on this old  road. As you are heading south and about to enter into Bloomington, you  will want take a left on Bethel Rd for just about 2 miles, then south  (take a right) on route 45. Route 45 will run into Route 46. Now take a  left on to Route 46 and for less than a mile and look for 446 and take  that south (take a right) down to Heltonville (about 16 miles) (along  this stretch of 446 is where you'll find Hardin Ridge and Lake Monroe  which are great areas to stop). When you reach Heltonville, you will  want to take a left on route 58 (head east) all the way to endpoint when 58 runs into Route 135 in the town of Freetown. By the way, going west  on 58 at Heltonville is also a great ride.

The occasional house scattered amongst tree lined Old SR 37. The trees are  close to the road and it winds around a lot. Speed limit is 45, but  you'd be going too fast for that road if you were going the speed limit, plus you would miss all the good scenery. In many places, the trees are hanging over the road and makes for a tunnel of trees and overall is a  tranquil setting that nearly every rider can enjoy. There is a very  pretty lake, Lake Lemon, just a few miles away (you would have to take a detour off this route to go to it ... east on Route 45) once you start  on Old 37, looks like a scene out of a nature movie. Later on the route, after you get on 446, you'll drive through Monroe Lake State Park.

Road Quality
Old SR 37 could use some repaving, but it's so untraveled because of Hwy 37 (the "new" 37), there's not a real need. There are some sharp curves  and caution should be taken because of all the bicyclists on the road  ... the secret is out about this road being a nice & untraveled path so you will see lots of folks on all kinds of bikes (motorcycles,  bicycles, etc.). Also, 446 from Bloomington is a great road too. There  is no concern at all with this highway, stretch out, relax, and take it  all in. I don't remember seeing any gravel or potholes.

Roadside Amenities
Nothing on Old SR 37 but keep in mind that Bloomington is not far and offers  plenty to do. 446 has a few gas stations near Lake Monroe. Hwy 58 has  barely anything as far as food or gas.